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Additional Police Officers Paid for by Council Tax are Making A Real Difference to Local Communities

Last week Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall visited Allerdale’s Local Focus Hub in Workington. His on-going commitment to neighbourhood policing, as supported by additional funding raised from council tax, is having a big impact.

The Local Focus Hub’s enables partners to work together under the same roof such as the police, local councils, housing associations, drug and alcohol support services and charities, and these different agencies come up with joint solutions.

With two in North Cumbria, two in West Cumbria and two in South Cumbria, the Local Focus Hubs all work to make a practical impact on tackling local problems. Officers dedicated to neighbourhood policing, deal with the day-to-day key issues including antisocial behaviour, road safety, and a visible policing deterrent on the streets. Each Hub also has a Local Focus Facebook group that offers the public opportunities to liaise directly with a number of agencies, including the police, in one place.

Peter McCall comments: “It was good to visit the most recent addition to the Hub network at Allerdale and to see just how effective the Local Focus Hubs are and how well they are working, not just in Allerdale, but across the county too.

“The key to this is all of the partner agencies working together sharing expertise and ensuring that the right agency deals with the most appropriate issues. This is saving time for all partners and ensuring that the public get the best service, working together, rather than each one operating alone, can only be a good thing.

“The most important thing is that Hubs mean our officers can work closer than ever before with partners to serve the local community. They don’t change the way people report crimes or issues of concerns to the police but they do alter and improve the way we investigate and seek solutions.By pooling expertise we can all work together to secure the best possible outcomes for the public.”

Sgt Mitchell Franks comments: “Since moving into Allerdale House and being located directly with our partners, we have seen an increase in referrals to the hub from our partners and this has created the opportunity to deliver a real impact into reducing anti-social behaviour across Allerdale.

“We have received a total of 51 referrals since March and by actively working together with our 19 partners, we have seen a reduction in ASB by 23.5% comparative to last year.  

“The local focus hub is also starting to deliver on long term projects in areas such as youth alcohol reduction, community cohesion and public health. These projects support some of our most vulnerable communities and directly impact upon the levels of crime and disorder, which benefits the whole of our Allerdale Community.”

Marion Fitzgerald , Allerdale Borough Council leader comments: “We are really seeing the benefits of having the Allerdale local Focus Hub embedded into Allerdale House. Community safety issues are being dealt with quickly and efficiently, the decline in Anti-Social behaviour throughout Allerdale is evidence this approach is working.

“We will continue to inform and engage with partners to develop and grow this approach to delivering public services for the future.”

Susan Duxbury from Westfield Housing said: “The Allerdale Local Focus Hub enables us to work in true partnership for the benefit of our tenants and the community.

“To date our housing officers have accessed a wider range of training opportunities that has given them a greater understanding of the needs of our communities and the roles of our partners. The association has linked up with organisations and become part of projects that benefit the communities we live in.

“Through hub referrals we have been able to work in collaboration with partners to tackle issues of ASB with a quick and effective outcome.”


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