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ASB down 47% in Maryport, thanks to Community Beat Officer

In the last nine months, since the Community Beat Officer has been in place for Maryport, anti-social behaviour (ASB) has reduced by 47%, in comparison to ASB recorded in the same period the previous year.

ASB is disruptive behaviour in community settings that causes intimidation and fear in residents. It includes a range of behaviours that can cause nuisance, annoyance, harm or distress to a person, with examples including vehicle abandonment, trespassing, vandalism, harassment and anti-social drinking.

Speaking about the Community Beat Officers, Deputy Police Fire and Crime Commissioner, Mike Johnson, said: “Cumbria is one of the most rural counties in the country and I know that everyone wants to see more of the police in their community.

“PC Sam Steele has been the Community Beat Officer (CBO) in Maryport since September 2022 and in that time, he has already made a big difference in tackling anti-social behaviour in the area.

“Community Beat Officers focus on tackling the issues that matter most to the public. They are dedicated to understanding and responding to local people’s concerns and issues relating to crime and anti-social behaviour.

“In Maryport, the Community Beat Officer has focused on reducing the negative behaviour of those causing most disruption and harm in the area, regularly conducting stop searches. For example, during April, 13 searches were conducted and drugs such as cocaine, MDMA, various pills and methadone were located and removed.

“Road safety is also key focus with CBOs around the county and over the last nine months, vehicles with no insurance, as well as E-Scooters, have been seized from people riding in an anti-social manner in Maryport. In addition, there have been a number of arrests for people driving over the limit due to drink and drugs.

“Having dedicated officers deployed from local areas, especially in rural locations, can only be a good thing. Becoming a victim of ASB can be an extremely distressing and upsetting experience. If left unchecked, it can ruin people’s lives and devastate communities.

“This is why it is vital, that our Community Beat Officers establish relationships, build trust with local residents and the wider community, so that we can all help in fighting crime together and keeping our communities free of crime.

“Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable, and the Police take all reports seriously. If you ever experience or witness ASB, please report online via or call 999 in an emergency.”

Inspector Peter Aiston is the neighbourhood policing team inspector for Allerdale. He said: Community Beat Officers are out-and-about in the community, working proactively and engaging with the people in their neighbourhoods.

“They are dedicated to preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, interacting with the community and targeting those causing most harm.

“Since Sam has been in place as the Community Beat Officer for Maryport, one of the many positives has been that we have seen a real difference in the levels of anti-social behaviour.

“Incidents of anti-social behaviour have reduced by almost half, which is a great achievement given the short space of time he has been in this role – and is a credit to his and the team’s hard work as well as evidence of the importance of this role.

“Aside from dealing with anti-social behaviour, Sam’s work has seen drugs taken off the streets and he has looked at the issue of road safety.

“These are all issues we know are important to all our communities.”

To keep up to-date, find information with the work of your local neighbourhood policing team, get the latest advice and find out what officers are doing to tackle crime in your area, go to: Home | Cumbria Police

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