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Commissioner Launches Second Annual Report

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall is proud to launch his second Annual Report, covering the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.

The Commissioner has a statutory responsibility under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act to produce an annual report as part of the public holding-to-account role, and this sets out how he has carried out his statutory functions, such as setting the budget, developing a Police and Crime Plan and holding the Chief Constable to account.

Peter McCall said: “First and foremost I would like to say how proud I am of Cumbria Constabulary, its officers, PCSOs, police staff, and volunteers, for continuing to keep

the county safe during what has been another challenging year in terms of finances and demands for service. So, a big ‘thank you’ to all. I would also like to take this opportunity to record my thanks to our many partners who also work with us in our communities, and without whom we would not be able to achieve what we have.


“Appropriately, the first objective in my Police and Crime Plan very much demonstrates the ethos of the Police and Crime Commissioner role – in that it is about public engagement, listening to what people  have to say, and acting upon this where I can.  In other words – “You said – We did” Therefore in my latest Annual Report you will read many examples of  how I am meeting this duty, and importantly, what difference this has made in your local communities, and to the people within them.

“Another key responsibility of mine is to put the victims at the heart of what I do, and you can read about the work that continues in terms of meeting this objective. During the year 2017/18 I have dedicated over £1.2m to projects and initiatives that support victims of crime and anti-social behaviour.

“A very brief summary of this includes the work we are doing to extend the provision of Women’s Centres in the county, building on the model of Barrow Women’s Centre which has provided a successful holistic and integrated women-centred service to vulnerable, socially excluded and female ex-offenders. They deliver a range of support services with love, care, compassion and kindness that enables women to make decisions about changes they want to make in their own lives.

“I’ve also commissioned Victim Support to deliver a Victim Referral Service in Cumbria. The aim of the service is to ensure that all victims of crime, regardless of the type of crime,  are offered support in compliance with the Victims’ Code of Practice. The service provides a Victim Support line with access to emotional support, emergency information and referral onward to local services.

“Last year the Home Office broadened the remit of Police and Crime Commissioners, and as part of this, I have been reviewing a number of options of working closer with the fire and rescue service. Following consultation in October 2017 with the Chief Constable, Leader of the County Council, Chief Fire Officer and members of the Police and Crime Panel, I am now going to move forward with voluntary collaboration. I believe this is a very positive step, and I am looking forward to working with the fire and rescue service to deliver even greater efficiency for the residents of Cumbria. The overriding aim of the collaboration will be public safety and ensuring that our communities are kept safe and secure.


Finally, in my Annual Report I have tried to provide a good insight into the breadth and depth of how I have engaged with, and listened to, you the people of Cumbria. I hope too, that this Annual Report will illustrate what difference you are making in keeping your communities safe.

“I often say that my vision is ‘We – Not They’, and I am really grateful that so many people have bought into this vision, we are really seeing this start to happen on the ground now and to see the positive effect – so thank you!”


The Annual Report can be viewed on our website at this link:


Alternatively, contact the office on or call on 01768 217734 for a hard copy.


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