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Families Praise ‘Step Up : Remote’ Support during Lockdown

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall’s boosted critical funding for the ‘Step Up: Remote’ programme as immediate support for families experiencing violence or abusive behaviour from a child in their home during lockdown, had been highlighted as an issue.

Peter McCall comments: “Due to Covi-19, the original Step Up programme was re-modeled so that support could be offered remotely. The response, uptake and feedback from families across Cumbria has shown that this support was not only timely but also vital.

“This is just one of the developments in remote working practice which has ensured continuity of business and looking forward we will continue to use media such as this to reach more people where it is appropriate.”

“The decision to fund Step Up: Remote for 3 months countywide, was a practical response to the increasing numbers of child on parent violence arising from issues linked to lockdown restrictions, and since May, 27 families have been supported remotely.

“Children can become the abuser in a home setting and cause fear and intimidation in parents and carers. There has been a 23% increase in 17 year olds engaging in the programme, with several parents reporting that they prefer not to challenge their child as the violent outbursts have been far worse in severity since lock down.

“The Step Up: Remote programme offers support to families that may be experiencing unhealthy relationships within their home. It helps to build respectful relationships, encourage communication and supports young people to accept responsibility for their actions.

When asked how they feel about their relationship at the conclusion of the intervention, one parent recently commented: “I am very, very happy to be back to where we were 2/3 years ago.

“The banter is not getting out of control. There’s no screaming and shouting at each other and the bedroom door has no further damage. However, the wall still has fist holes in it but we all walk past them, and for now it’s a reminder of the past.”

Another parent comments: “Our relationship was very strained and if we hadn’t made changes, I would now be close to having a breakdown.”

The Step Up: Remote programme supports and helps families to learn how to stay safe, deal with conflict and face the consequences of their actions. If you or someone you know, feels that they could benefit from the Step Up: Remote project, please contact Jane Wignall, Step-up Coordinator on  


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