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Key Messages:

I believe that mental health is a vital topic to cover due to the rise in coverage throughout the media in recent times and for those suffering with any particular issues to be supported and not stigmatised by those around them’

‘There needs to be more done in schools to raise awareness among students to help each other’ and others’ with mental health problems’

‘We need more information on existing services for mental health’


What is the Youth Commission doing to address Mental Health problems for young people?

Research findings from Year 1 resulted in the following Recommendations being made by the Youth Commission:-

Promotion: Age-appropriate advertising of existing services that is delivered to young people via appropriate means.

Training: Free, regular mental health training for those who work with young people, so they are aware of the signs of mental health problems and where to direct people for help/support.

Workshop: Workshops for young people from trained professionals (assisted by young people) on how to manage their own mental health.


Actions being undertaken to address the issue of mental health:

Actions may include the work be undertaken by the Youth Commissioners and/or in collaboration with partner agencies.

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