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Money Seized From Criminal Activity Helps Keep Cumbria’s Roads Safe

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall’s, most recent Property Fund is aiming to fund projects across the county that increase road safety in Cumbria. Successful applications included initiatives aimed to prevent road traffic collisions and interventions that target vulnerable drivers. The property fund re-invests money seized from criminal activity and distributes it into local projects, aimed at providing activities that help to improve community safety and reduce crime in communities across Cumbria.

Peter McCall comments: “It is good to see that money seized from criminals, is then awarded to community projects and local groups, providing opportunities and funds where they are needed most.

“I am always keen to support projects and applications for funding designed to reduce the risk of death and injury on Cumbria’s roads.

“Many of the schools that applied are situated in the middle of residential areas that experience extremely busy traffic at peak times and with the support from their local PCSOs, have been awarded funds for a variety of road safety initiatives.

“Various schools requested support to help re-educate dangerous drivers that cause problems during busy pick up and drop off times. Through purchasing resources such as road safety banners, no parking notices, pavement signs, traffic cones and high viz equipment, drivers will be encouraged to make positive decisions and be more considerate to other road users and young pedestrians.

“Another road safety initiative that has received funding is Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (CADAS) for their project to develop online resources aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of drug/drink driving, working specifically with apprentices, young farmers and Further Education students.

“General applications were also accepted in this round of funding and examples include Impact Housing in the South of the county for their project to support young people aged 16 to 24 who are at crisis point due to homelessness, support for Anti-Racist Cumbria  youth mentoring initiative and assistance to Cumbria Pride in their latest drama production covering issues such as hate crime, modern slavery, gender and sexuality.”


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