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PCC secures over £1m in funding for Cumbria Services since March

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, has secured funds of £1,015,994 for the county since COVID began in March. The PCC successfully bid to the Government and Ministry of Justice for funding to support services across the county during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also provided £250,000 from his own budget to help services, third sector charities and voluntary organisations across the county.

The Ministry of Justice funding has been allocated to domestic abuse and sexual violence organisations to help maintain their services during the COVID-19 crisis where Cumbria, in common with the rest of the country, has seen an increase in domestic violence. The PCC successfully bid for two different funding projects around domestic abuse and sexual violence providing services with £329,000.

Barrow will also benefit from £436,994 from the MOJ’s Safer Streets Fund. A £25 million scheme aimed at tackling burglary, robbery and theft in crime hotspots. The fund will help to put in place much needed preventative measures to reduce crimes in the Salthouse Road area of Barrow.

The £250,000 set aside from the PCC’s own budget as the COVID-19 Community Recovery Fund is already proving of benefit to a range of agencies and organisations across the county. So far £120,072.55 of the £250,000 has been given out with applications still open to services where their work fits in to the aims of the Police and Crime Plan. More information on this fund can be found at

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, said: “We all know that COVID-19 has put a strain on many services and industries across the world and unfortunately Cumbria was hit as well.

“That is why we are doing what we can to support those organisations which contribute to the safety of our county to help them remain sustainable through this crisis.  It is about helping to hold our local communities together and is so important.

“Organisations that I support and that provide vital services to the public across the county and they have felt the strain and we are doing our best to provide extra support from my budget and fight for funding for them from the Government.

“I would encourage all organisations that meet the criteria of the COVID-19 Recovery Fund to apply – it’s up to £5000 and if your service benefits your community this boost could really help – there are deadlines for the end of August and the end of September.

“Our domestic abuse services have been incredible throughout COVID-19 helping those who have suffered domestic abuse or sexual violence during lockdown – these services are key to helping these victims start afresh which is why I am dedicated to supporting them.

“COVID-19 will have a long-term effect on all our lives – that’s why I will continue to fight hard to bring further funding into Cumbria.”

COVID-19 Community Recovery Fund successful recipients for June and July


South Workington Youth Partnership                                       £5,000.00

Triple A Project (All About Autism)                                            £5,000.00

Right2Work CIC                                                                          £4,997.00

Cumbria Youth Alliance                                                              £4,500.00

Milnthorpe Family Centre                                                          £3,900.00

Samaritans of West Cumbria                                                     £4,000.00

Drop Zone Youth Projects                                                          £5,000.00

CADAS                                                                                         £4,612.00

SAFA                                                                                            £5,000.00

Brampton and Solway Youth network                                       £4,717.28

People First                                                                                 £5,000.00

Around the Combe Health and Wellbeing Alliance                   £5,000.00

Cowran Training                                                                         £5,000.00

Signal Film and Media                                                                £5,000.00

Carlisle Youth Zone                                                                    £4,810.00

Spiral                                                                                           £4,673.00

Penrith cricket club                                                                    £5,000.00

St John’s Methodist Church                                                        £1,793.27

Age UK Carlisle and Eden                                                                 £5,000

Time to Share Bereavement Services                                             £3,070

Wath Brow Hornets                                                                           £5,000

Egremont Youth Partnership                                                            £5,000

Bay Trust Radio (based in Kendal, but covers south Cumbria)   £5,000

Give a Day to the City (Carlisle)                                                        £4,000

Carlisle Refugee Action Group (Carlisle)                                     £5,000

Resource Creatives (remote so countywide delivery)                £5,000

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