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PCC Urges Victims of Sexual Abuse to Come Forward

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner is urging victims of sexual abuse to come forward and report if they have been a victim.

The request is in support of the decision by a victim of sexual abuse Ade Kevern to waive his anonymity to speak out and try to encourage victims of sexual abuse and violence to come forward and report.  Ade is keen to encourage men to come forward as well if they have been a victim.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall said: “I admire the bravery of Ade for speaking out to encourage people to come forward to report sexual abuse.

“For Ade is has been a difficult journey and for many victims this is often so.  But from Ade’s story if he hadn’t taken that journey he would still have been in a very desperate place.

“We know that sexual abuse in men is under-reported.  My message is simple to all victims of sexual abuse and violence no matter if you are male or female please come forward.

“Support for victims of sexual violence and assault in the county has significantly improved in the last few years.  The Bridgeway provides consistent support to people that bravely come forward and you can go directly to the Bridgeway even if you don’t want to report to the Police.

Ade Kevern said: “It took me 34 years before I felt strong enough to talk about what had happened to me.  I confided in a friend and it took another couple of years before I could come forward and report to police what had happened to me.

“Words cannot describe the horrendous journey that I have been on and the impact of being sexual abused at aged 9. The trauma and shame affected every aspect of my life. I lived through some very dark days consumed in a fog of depression.

“Things are different for me now. Breaking my silence and seeking professional help has set me on the path to recovery. I still have a long way to go and the journey will continue, but I have learned that there is an opportunity to live life and not simply endure it. I would encourage others to break their silence and take the first steps to get the help they need and so rightly deserve.”

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