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Peter McCall Attends New Police Officers Training Supported by Your Additional Funds from the Council Tax Increase

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall visits Cumbria’s new police recruits on Monday 14th October, who are midway through their training and soon to be ready for patrol in our local communities, using funds raised in the council tax increase in April 2019.

Over the last three months, Cumbria’s new police officer recruits have been learning operational details about how local police teams work and how they can make an impact on community concerns and problems. Learning through engagement with local communities and real-life situations, the new recruits have been introduced to topics such as law, policy guidelines and powers of arrest, and will be undertaking various practical role-play assessments before hitting the streets.

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall comments: “A lot of people want a job that matters. The chance to serve the public, protect your community, and make a difference in people’s lives is very rewarding.

“The incredible responsibility that comes with being a police officer is a reward in itself.

Extra officers do make a difference and the increase in council tax last year has enabled this to happen. It is great to see the difference the public’s money is making.

“The comprehensive training programme for the new recruits may take time but it is essential that our officers are as prepared as possible and are able to protect local communities in all eventualities. 

“The daily role of a police officer is extremely varied; they may be in a patrol car, outside on the beat, at the station or attending court. Even though it is a demanding and potential dangerous job, the reward of being able to calmly take control in often-volatile situations, is a life skill that must not be under-estimated.

Pete Morley PDU Sergeant said: “These new recruits are welcome additions to Cumbria Constabulary and will soon be in our communities, preventing crime and keeping people safe.

“The work of a police officer is fascinating and varied and I’m sure they will be looking forward to a great career helping the people of Cumbria.

“This will be a great opportunity for Peter McCall to see the people who will form the future of the constabulary.”

Please visit: for information on the routes of entry or visit for all current officers and staff vacancies.


The additional officers mentioned above are a result of the local council tax precept increase from 1st April 2019




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