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Peter McCall Summer Driving Campaign Joins Police On Drink/Drug Driving Traffic Checks

As part of our Safer Driving campaign, Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall will be joining Police Officers from Cumbria Police out on patrol in the north of the county this summer.

Last year’s annual Summer Survey, carried out jointly with Cumbria Constabulary, showed that in the last 12 months there is a growing concern about road-safety in the county. A substantive number of respondents, 8 out of 10, said that driving-related issues were a problem in their local area. The main concerns identified in all areas across Cumbria were speeding vehicles, drivers using their mobile phones whilst on the move and drink/drug driving.

Peter McCall said: “Too many people continue to be hurt or killed on our roads, wherever I go in the county, communities complain about driving behaviours and speeding.  We are committed to improving road safety and promoting safer driving in Cumbria, not least because time and again, the public tell me it is of real concern – as our annual Summer Survey results illustrate. Through this campaign the message to people is that we all have a personal responsibility to help keep our roads safe, to treat other road users with respect and to drive with consideration. 

I pledged as part of my consultation on raising the council tax, that I would do more to help tackle speeding and anti-social driving. Operations such as this are an essential way to get the clear message out to motorists that Cumbria Police will not tolerate those who drive irresponsibly, do so and you will be pursued. By driving inconsiderately or under the influence of alcohol or drugs not only puts their own lives at risk, but other, innocent people too and this is simply not acceptable and will not be tolerated, none of us wants to see more injuries or deaths on our roads.

“I would like to reassure the public that this is a key priority of mine,  and wish to emphasise that we all need to work together to raise awareness of the catastrophic effect that road accidents can have and make sure that our friends, families and colleagues are all aware of the dangers and the potential consequences.”  

Mobile Support Group Inspector Steve Minnikin said:  “Every day our officers are out looking to make our county’s roads safer by stopping drivers who are committing offences or driving defective vehicles.

 “We work to publicise the dangers of issues such as driving at inappropriate speeds, driving whilst distracted and driving whilst under the influence or drink or drugs but, every day, we see drivers for whom that message has simply not sunk in.

 “We will also act on intelligence and information received by the public. As a result we will identify and target those driving in an inappropriate manner, under the influence of drink/drugs and without licence and insurance.

 “Those we catch are often the fortunate ones. Our officers are often first on the scene to serious road traffic collisions and may have the job of telling families that their loved ones will not be returning home that day.”

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