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Police and Crime Commissioner Listens to Youngsters’ Concerns in Wigton

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall met youngsters at the Youth Station in Wigton, on Wednesday 6 September, to listen to their views about anti-social behaviour and what might be done to tackle it.

Following a number of recent anti-social behaviour incidents in the town, representatives from the community made a plea to the Commissioner to visit the Youth Station and hear what the youngsters there had to say about the issues, and what they feel might be done to help tackle them.

Peter McCall said: “I was really keen to show that I take these concerns very seriously, and reassure the public that I do listen to them.  I was more than happy to accept an invitation to meet and listen to the youngsters at the Youth Station and demonstrate how I believe my mantra of ‘we, not they’ can work in practise.

“I firmly believe that by engaging young people themselves in helping to problem-solve some of the issues that underlie this type of anti-social behaviour, we will be in a better position to achieve a positive outcome.  I believe that by giving young people a voice, and involving them in finding solutions, we will help to break down some of the barriers between young people and the Police.

“I will also be in Wigton again, on Tuesday 19th September, when I am holding a Public Surgery at the Market Hall, between 3pm-5pm.  Please do take the opportunity to call in and see me if you can – no appointment is necessary.”

Temporary Inspector Rachel Gale said: “The Police are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour in Wigton, but understand that there are many young people in the area who do not engage in this kind of activity. It is really important that those young people have a voice and play a part in helping to improve their community. It is equally important that the community recognise that there are many young people who do care and do contribute in a positive way.

“The Police have strong links with the Youth Station in order to maximise the engagement with the young people in the area.  This Sunday we shall be participating in a community rounders game with The Youth Station and we will continue to try to maximise these types of opportunities to help break down barriers.”



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