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Key Messages:

We need continuous teaching on underage drinking, not just a one off assembly’

Knowing when to stop drinking needs to be highlighted more in schools’

There should be more information on where to go if you or a friend has a problem’


What is the Youth Commission doing to address Underage Drinking?

Research findings from Year 1 resulted in the following Recommendations being made by the Youth Commission:-

Education for Young People: Continuous, up-to-date, information given throughout school on the effects and risks of drinking alcohol. This should be more hard-hitting the older you get.

Accessible Local Service with Strong Online Presence (Under Development): A local service that can provide advice, support and guidance for practitioners, parents and young people. This should have a strong online presence that is accessible to young people.

Street Safe: An independent service that provides support for young people who have been drinking; hot food/drink, get them home safely (a safety bus)


Actions being undertaken to address the issue of underage drinking:

Accessible Local Service with Strong Online Presence: The Cumbria Youth Commission are currently working with CADAS on reviewing and improving their website for young people.

The CYC will be advising on the development of the website ensuring it is appropriate and accessible to young people who need information about drug and alcohol services. The CYC will be advising on the best means of reaching young people and what kind of information CADAS should be presenting to young people.

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