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Cumbria Police
Contact Information
Cumbria Police
Contact Information
For police emergencies call 999
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For non emergencies call 101 - if unable to report online


About Cumbria Youth Offending Service (CYOS)

CYOS provide a service to victims of youth crime in compliance with the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime. We deliver restorative interventions in line with the Restorative Justice Councils National Occupational Standards and Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Practice.
We consult with victims and the community (where appropriate) about reparation placements and wlingness to engage in restorative processes. Working and engaging with victims of youth crime (only with written consent from victim) in restorative processes.
Ensuring that any reparation activity required of a young person under a court order or an out of court disposal is set out in writing, specifying the type of activity, dates, times and duration.

Who We Help

CYOS have processes in place to ensure that victims of youth crime (10 to 18 years) are involved, as appropriate, in a range of restorative processes that seek to put right the harm they have experienced.

Accessing Our Service

CYOS have 3 operational teams which cover the entire county.
All are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday (inclusive), Friday opening times are 9am to 4.30pm.

Contact Telephone Numbers

North: 01228 227090
South: 01229 407560 Mobile: 07391391558
West: 01900 706040 Mobile: 07901104103

Contact Email Addresses (South Division) (North Division) (West Division)

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