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Cumbria Police
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Victims of DA are being encouraged to access 24/7 support

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall is encouraging people experiencing domestic abuse to access one of the three methods of 24/7 support at Cumbria’s Victim Support,  by using the 24-hour Livechat online facility, 24-hour Supportline over the phone and ‘My Support Space’ interactive online guides, of which are also available to victims of all kinds of crime.

Peter McCall comments: “People experiencing domestic abuse need to know that help is out there, and they don’t need to suffer in silence.

“Since the start of the pandemic, providing face-to-face support has proved difficult which is why Victim Support prioritised immediate 24-hour support, offering expert help to victims of domestic abuse in Cumbria.

“The ‘My Support Space’ guides include topics such as coping strategies, trauma and how to improve sleep which are all common issues that people may experience after abuse and appropriate targeted support can go a long way in helping people to recover and cope.

“The Livechat facility, also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is an easy to use online service activated by selecting the ‘Chat now’ button on Victim Support’s website and for people wishing to speak with someone directly, support is also available on the 24-hour Supportline phone service.

“Help is out there, and I urge anyone who has fallen victim to crime not to suffer in silence, but to get in touch with Victim Support through one of their communication methods”

Claire Powell, Area Manager at Victim Support says: “We know that during this pandemic, many victims of domestic abuse are in lockdown with their abuser. They may feel that they do not have any choices or options and may have limited opportunity to reach out for help and support.

“It is important that people can contact us at a time they are able to, which isn’t necessarily during normal office hours which is why our 24/7 Supportline is a vital service. Our Livechat also enables people to contact us without the fear of a phone call being overheard.

“We would urge anybody who is suffering abuse to contact us on 0300 303 0157 or access our Livechat through .    If it is an emergency always call 999”

Livechat   and click the ‘chat now’ tab

Supportline telephone number 0300 303 0157

My Support Space link:


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