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Funding opportunities for DA/SV victims’ services

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has committed to provide funding over a multi-year period, until the end of 2024/25 for victim services. This announcement responds to feedback from OPCCs and the victim support sector about the challenges short-term investment causes for commissioning and delivering support. Multi -year funding will allow victim support services, and those commissioning them, to invest in building capacity and strengthen the resilience of services.

We are pleased to announce the opportunity to bid for funding towards Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence support for those organisations which have the purpose of helping victims of DA or SV cope with the impacts of crime, and, as far as possible, recover from the harm they have experienced.

Below are the two funding opportunities available to organisations in Cumbria.

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Funding Conditions

The organisation must provide tailored support to female and/or male victims who have experienced domestic abuse, rape or sexual abuse at any point in their life. This includes adults and children. The funding can be used to support existing clients as well as new referrals.

DA and SV support services could include, but are not limited to:

  • Family court support.
  • Court support.
  • Face-to-face or remote counselling for individuals and/or their families.
  • Support for specific groups such as BME/ Disabled/ LGBT/male victims etc.

The funding must not be used to provide accommodation or the support services within it.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) and Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) Funding Conditions

The purpose of this funding is to increase advocacy support for victims and survivors of domestic abuse (DA) and sexual violence (SV), including children.

The bids should ensure that funding is directed in full to the employment of additional advocates/advisors, including training and on-costs. Translation costs will also be considered.

We expect to see bids for services that:

  • offer tailored support for under-represented survivors and those with protected characteristics.
  • propose innovative advocacy models as well as for established roles such as IDVAs and ISVAs, for both adults and children.
  • adopt hybrid models supporting both DA and SV victims, as well as violence against women and girls (VAWG) advocates and advisers, provided they will be supporting victims of SV and/or DA.

Specific roles eligible for this fund include:

  • ISVAs and ISVA Managers (provided these managers have an active caseload of victims)
  • IDVAs and IDVA Managers (provided these managers have an active caseload of victims)
  • Child ISVAs and IDVAs
  • ISVAs and IDVAs who provide support to victims with protected characteristics.

The amount of funding awarded in 2022-23 will be the same amount awarded over multiple years.

Application Guidance and Local Criteria

For local funding criteria and further information on how to apply for this funding, please click here

Applicant Information

Domestic Abuse (DA) Needs and Priorities

Sexual Assault and Abuse Needs and Priorities v3

To view the application form for the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support Fund, click here

Copy of MoJ DA SA Fund Application Form 2022-23

To view the application form for the IDVA and ISVA Fund, click here

IDVA/ISVA Requirements:

The MOJ is interested in proposals relating to male sexual violence victims, children and young people and protected characteristics (LGBT, disability, BAME etc.) however other groups can be supported though the proposed service.

Are there any restrictions on how to spend the funding?

In line with usual government grants, PCCs must ensure that organisations do not use the funding for any of the following activities:

  • campaigning activities (this fund is to support the delivery of direct services for vulnerable people); • religious activities outside of projects benefiting the wider community and not containing religious content
  • political or lobbying activities
  • loan repayments
  • activities that make profit for private gain.

Funding must not be used for capital works e.g., building repairs but can be used for other capital costs such as ICT equipment to enhance your communications and help reach local people.

There is no indication of the amount allocated to Cumbria at the time of writing.

The OPCC will be asked to check that bids meet eligibility, but all bids will be submitted to MoJ for further consideration. No bids will be filtered out by the PCC, awarding decision is that of the MoJ.

The deadline for returning for organisations to submit their bids is 12 noon on Tuesday 3rd May

The offer of funding will be communicated to PCCs by late May 2022 with payments being provided by the MOJ in early June 2022. The funding will be subject to grant agreement conditions.

For further information or to submit your proposal please contact and

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