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Police & Crime Commissioner’s Property Fund



The Police and Crime Commissioner has power to distribute funds accumulated in the Police Property Fund as a result of the disposal of property coming into the possession of the police by the Police (Property) Act 1897 and The Powers of Criminal Courts Act 1973.

The Commissioner considers all applications on a quarterly basis.  The fund is now CLOSED to applications and will close for applications on (DATE TO BE CONFIRMED). The Property Fund Decision Panel will meet in (MONTH) to award funding.

Please note that after 28th February 2021 the Property Fund will remain closed until further notice due to restrictions around Police and Crime Commissioner Elections. 

March Focus: ‘Mental Health’:

The Commissioner would be very keen to support projects and applications for funding designed to support people suffering from mental health issues, including early intervention programmes aimed at reducing the severity and risk of developing long term mental health problems.

Please Note: The ability to quickly move from face to face to digital platforms during lockdown restrictions is essential.

The Commissioner would welcome applications that aim to support the following broad objectives, but not limited to, in order to prevent victimisation, offending and to reduce the risk of re-offending and to reduce demand on police and emergency services.

  • Provide early intervention for people who are experiencing an emergence or deterioration in their mental health as a direct result of Covid-19.
  • Projects that support the reduction in the risk of offending, re-offending and victimisation due to mental health issues.
  • Provide peer led support to anyone experiencing a mental health episode and those at a point of crisis to reduce demand on police and emergency services.
  • Projects that can support people with multiple complex needs such as alcohol and drug abuse, childhood trauma, domestic abuse and sexual violence.
  • Deliver successful alternative therapies to medication, offer a person-centred approach, such as sport and art therapies.

The Commissioner will also welcome projects aimed at working with protected or excluded groups such as young people, elderly, those with a disability, ethnic minority groups and other excluded communities and those involved in criminal justice system who are identified as needing support in order to prevent offending, reduce re-offending and reduce demand on police and emergency services.

The PCC is seeking to achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Mental Health issues are identified at an early stage to prevent offending and reduce the risk of re-offending.
  • Reduce the need for people to be reliant on statutory services, including police, other emergency services and reduce the number of hospital admissions.
  • Improving pathways into statutory holistic support and wraparound services for those with multiple or complex needs such as drug and alcohol issues, domestic abuse, victims and witnesses.
  • Reduce the number of people in rural isolated communities and across Cumbria developing mental health problems or those suffering from mental health issues deteriorating as a direct result of the impact from Covid-19.

To download a copy of the guidance notes, please click here.

To download a copy of the evaluation report template, please click here. 

To view the Police & Crime Plan please click below.

Police & Crime Plan

Anyone who is interested in applying for funding, or feel they are part of an organisation who may benefit from an award under this scheme by the Commissioner, should contact either a member of their local Community Policing Team, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) or a member of Police staff for an application form. The application is then submitted to the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and will then be passed for consideration by the Police & Crime Commissioner.

Please note the Property Fund will not support:

  • Commercially run activities
  • Speed Laser Devices and Speed Activation Devices
  • Projects run for the sole benefit of one individual
  • Politically based activities
  • Events or activities for which the principle aim is to fundraise for other organisations
  • Marketing costs for existing or planned activities
  • The development or refurbishment of buildings
  • Activities which form a statutory function of an applicant
  • CCTV

Privacy Notice and Consent:

The information you submit on the application will be held by the Cumbria Office of Police and Crime Commissioner and will contribute directly to the decision that is made regarding allocations of funding and for our own research purposes. In addition your application form may be shared with third parties and partner agencies who may be involved in the decision making process. We may be required to disclose information outside of the Cumbria Office of Police and Crime Commissioner to help prevent fraud, or if required by law.

Full grant applications will be retained for a maximum of 6 years (plus current year). Information will be retained on a database at the Cumbria Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for statistical and monitoring purposes.

If your application is successful, details of grants will be published on the Cumbria Office of Police and Crime Commissioner website. No personal information will be published

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