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Information about the allowances (expenses) that can be paid to the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner can be found in the Guide to Expenses.   The police and crime commissioner’s chief executive subjects all of the commissioner’s claims for expenses to rigorous verification and auditing.

Police and Crime Commissioners are required to publish the allowances paid to them  in respect of expenses incurred in the exercise of their functions.  Detailed below are the police and crime commissioner expenses:

PCC expenses 2012     PCC expenses 2013     PCC expenses 2014     PCC expenses 2015     PCC expenses 2016 (PCC Rhodes)

The Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Peter McCall began his term of office on 12th May 2016.

PCC expenses August 2023

PCC expenses July 2023

PCC expenses June 2023

PCC expenses May 2023

PCC expenses April 2023

PCC expenses March 2023

PCC expenses February 2023

PCC expenses January 2023

PCC expenses December 2022

PCC expenses November 2022

PCC expenses October 2022

PCC expenses September 2022

PCC expenses August 2022

PCC expenses July 2022

PCC expenses June 2022

PCC expenses May 2022

PCC expenses April 2022

PCC expenses March 2022

PCC expenses February 2022

PCC expenses January 2022

PCC expenses 2021

PCC expenses 2020

PCC expenses 2019

PCC expenses 2018

PCC expenses 2017

PCC expenses 2016 (PCC McCall)

Police & Crime Commissioners Salary

The salary for Cumbria’s Police & Crime Commissioner is £68,200 per annum.  The Commissioner’s salary is set nationally by the Home Secretary on recommendations from the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB) and reviewed on a regular basis.

Joint Audit Committee Members’ Allowances

Members of the Police and Crime Commissioners for Cumbria and Cumbria Constabulary’s Joint Audit Committee were paid allowances and expenses as part of their role.  To view the schedule of allowances paid and expenses incurred reimbursed to Members of the Joint Audit Committee please click the links below.

Joint Audit Committee Members’ Allowances 2014/15

Joint Audit Committee Members’ Allowances 2015/16

Joint Audit Committee Members’ Allowances 2016/17

Joint Audit Committee Members’ Allowances 2017/18

Joint Audit Committee Members’ Allowances 2018-19

Joint Audit Committee Members’ Allowances 2019-20

Joint Audit Committee Members’ Allowances 2020 – 21

Independent Custody Visitors’ Allowances

Independent Custody Visitors are paid travelling costs incurred in attending visits at custody suites, meetings and training courses.  In addition they receive re-imbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket administrative expenses incurred in carrying out their role.  To view the allowances paid to the Custody Visiting volunteers please click the link below.

Independent Custody Visitors’ Allowances 2014/15

Independent Custody Visitors’ Allowances 2015/16

Independent Custody Visitors’ Allowances 2016/17

Independent Custody Visitors’ Allowances 2017/18

Independent Custody Visitors’ Allowances 2018-19

Independent Custody Visitors’ Allowances 2019-20

Independent Custody Visitors’ Allowances 2020 – 21


Ethics & Integrity Panel

Members of the Ethics and Integrity Panel are paid allowances and expenses as part of their role.  To view the schedule of what has been reimbursed to the panel members please click on the link below.

Ethics & Integrity Panel Allowances 2014/15

Ethics & Integrity Panel Allowances 2015/16

Ethics & Integrity PanelAllowances 2016/17

Ethics & Integrity Panel Allowances 2017/18

Ethics & Integrity Panel Allowances 2018-19

Ethics & Integrity PanelAllowances 2019-20

Ethics & Integrity Panel Allowances 2020 – 21

An Allowances and Remuneration Scheme has been approved and can be viewed here.

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