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Financial Statements 2017/18

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria and the Chief Constable for Cumbria Constabulary

Statement of Accounts Year Ended 31 March 2018

Accounts for 2017/18

Audit of the Accounts: The audit of the accounts for the year ending 31 March 2018 for the separate entities of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria and the Chief Constable for Cumbria Constabulary has been concluded.  An unqualified opinion on the accounts was issued by the auditor on 30 July 2018.  On the same day the auditor also issued an unqualified opinion on both the Commissioner’s and the Chief Constable’s arrangements for securing value for money as required by the Audit Commission’s Code of Practice.  The auditor has not identified any issues of public interest to report under section 8 of the Audit Commission act 1998.

Your rights to inspect the accounts: if you are an elector in the county, you may inspect and make copies of the accounts.  The statement of accounts and a copy of the auditor’s report are available for inspection at Police Headquarters, Carleton Hall, Penrith, CA10 2AU, from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:45am and 4:30pm.  The accounts are also available on the Commissioner’s website (www.cumbria-pcc.gov.uk) and on the Chief Constable’s website (www.cumbria.police.uk) where they can be viewed or downloaded.

To make arrangements for a copy of the accounts to be sent to you, or to make an appointment to inspect the accounts, you can contact us either at the above address, by e-mail: commissioner@cumbria-pcc.gov.uk, or by telephone: 01768 217734.  We can also send a printed copy of the accounts to you for a fee of £15 for the Group/PCC Accounts and £10 for the Constabulary Accounts for each copy requested.


To view the Auditor’s 2017/18 report please click here

To view the Statement of Accounts 2017/18 click on the links below:

Police and Crime Commissioner’s Statement of Accounts 2017/18

Police and Crime Commissioner’s Summary Statement of Accounts 2017/18

Chief Constable’s Statement of Accounts 2017/18 (Single Entity)

Chief Constable’s Summary Statement of Accounts 2017/18

More information is available to you on your rights with regard to the accounts and audit report in the Audit Commission document: statement of accounts: your rights.  This document refers to Council’s but all of the information and rights set out in the publication also apply to the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable.

You can view this document, by clicking on the link below:

Audit Commission: Council Accounts: a guide to your rights


Annual Governance Statement 2017/18

The Annual Governance Statements explain how the Commissioner and Chief Constable have complied with the arrangements for governance set out within their respective Codes of Corporate Governance.  The Code gives clarity to the way the Commissioner and Chief Constable govern and sets out the frameworks that are in place to support the overall arrangements for fulfilling the Commissioner’s and Chief Constable’s functions.  The 2017/18 Annual Governance Statements of the Commissioner and the Chief Constable are annexed to the 2017/18 Statement of Accounts and can be viewed by clicking on the links above.  The Commissioner’s and Chief Constable’s Codes of Corporate Governance for 2017/18 are also available to view by clicking on the links below

Police and Crime Commissioner’s 2017/18 Corporate Code of Governance

Chief Constable for Cumbria Constabulary 2017/18 Corporate Code of Governance

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