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Financial Governance

Financial governance is about the frameworks, regulations, rules and procedures we put in place to safeguard public money and provide assurance. This page on our website provides access to the key documents that set out those arrangements and support effective financial control.

Financial Regulations

Financial Rules

Joint Procurement Regulations

Grant Regulations

Our governance arrangements are subject to cyclical review. This process includes internal audit and review by our Joint Audit and Standards Committee.

Annual Governance Statement

The Annual Governance Statement explains how the Commissioner and Chief Constable have complied with the arrangements for governance set out within the Codes of Corporate Governance. The Code gives clarity to the way the Commissioner and Chief Constable govern and sets out the frameworks that are in place to support the overall arrangements for fulfilling the Commissioner’s and the Chief Constable’s functions. The 2015/16 Annual Governance Statements of the Commissioner and the Chief Constable are annexed to the 2015/16 Statement of Accounts (see Financial Statements page of the website). The Commissioner’s and Chief Constable’s Codes of Corporate Governance and for 2015/16 are also available to view by clicking on the links below

OPCC Corporate Code of Governance 2015/16

Constabulary’s Corporate Code of Governance 2015/16

Code of Corporate Governance 2016/17

Our Code of Corporate Governance for 2016/17 (the Code) is available to view by clicking on the link below. The Code has been substantially reviewed and updated to reflect the new CIPFA Delivering Good Governance in Local Government Framework 2016, and the related guidance for Policing Bodies.

OPCC Corporate Code of Governance for 2016/17

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