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Policies, Strategies and Codes


Publication Scheme 

The Police and Crime Commissioner has approved a Publication Scheme which provides a guide to the specific information they hold and which is contained within any of Scheme’s seven classes.

Retention and Disposal Schedule

The Retention and Disposal Schedule supports the Police and Crime Commissioner in meeting their obligations under the Freedom of Information Act, and covers records and information from creation to destruction or retention, as appropriate.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to the Police and Crime Commissioner when acting or representing to act in that role.

Staff Code of Conduct 

The Staff Code of Conduct applies to all staff employed within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Decision Making Policy

The implementation of a robust decision-making process will ensure that decisions are taken for the right reason at the right time. The commissioner will adopt rigorous standards of probity, regularity and transparency in their decision-making and all decisions will be taken solely in the public interest.

Scheme of Delegation

The Scheme of Delegation details the key roles of the Police and Crime Commissioner and those functions which he/she delegates to other officers.

Arrangements for Anti-Fraud and Corruption

The Police and Crime Commissioner has approved an Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy. This strategy sets out the approach to ensuring effective procedures and responsibilities are in place to deliver the anti-fraud and corruption policy. This strategy and the related procedures set out  how the commitments and principles within that document are put into practise and provides details on confidential reporting (otherwise known as Whistleblowing).

Commissioner-Officer Protocol

The protocol gives clear guidance to officers and the Police and Crime Commissioner on their expectations; promoting good working relationships with each other and providing guidance should things go wrong.

Case Sampling Protocol

This protocol specifies procedures adopted by agreement between the Police and Crime Commissioner and Cumbria Constabulary, with regards to case-sampling of completed complaint files.

Procurement Regulations

The Police and Crime Commissioner has agreed a Procurement Policy and Procedures and Contract Standing Orders for the Cumbria Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (COPCC). This document is intended as a guide for our suppliers and staff to help those engaged in buying or providing goods and services. The policy ensures we achieve value for money, the right balance between quality, performance and price, when we buy goods and services, In doing so we ensure we make the best use of  public resources.

Ethical Framework

The Police and Crime Commissioner has adopted an Ethical Framework for Police and Crime Commissioners which has been developed by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioner’s (APCC).

Allowances and Remuneration Scheme 2018/20

An Allowances and Remuneration Scheme for 2018/20 has been approved.

Rural Crime Strategy 2014/16

A document setting out the joint strategy between Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner and Cumbria Constabulary, to tackle rural crime in the county.

Commissioning Strategy

The Commissioning Strategy is a three year strategy that aims to ensure that resources are targeted towards delivering the priorities within the Police and Crime Plan. The strategy sets out a number of principles for commissioning, a commissioning budget and a number of funds aligned to strategic priorities.

Social Value Policy

The Social Value Policy ensures Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner and Cumbria Constabulary consider how the services they commission and procure might improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the area.  




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